Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Second week in a row!

Of sticking to my resolution, that is. Woot!

Not much of note today, except that it was unseasonably warm. Like, I rode-my-bike-home-with-only-a-cardigan-as-protection-from-the-elements unseasonably warm. It felt like spring was here! It's not (unless global warming has a fun surprise for us), which will make it that much more depressing when it gets cold again...

Still, I got the spring crazies when I was riding my bike home with Ash and Fig today. Since spring in Phoenix was never really a drastic change of season, I didn't experience the spring crazies until I got to New York. I remember the first spring at Colgate was really very bizarre! That day when the snow was melted and the sun was out, I would go outside in a skirt expecting it to be warm...but it wasn't. Silly Arizonan! But when spring actually was in the air, and it was warm enough to take blankets outside and read in the tepid outdoors (it was getting close to warm, but it wasn't quite there yet)...I don't know how to describe it. Just this sort of happy-for-no-reason feeling, like "Yay, life is good! I can go outside! Everything rocks!" And that is what I call the spring crazies. That's what the warm weather made me do today. After our AET library visit (with a record low of only 2 kid attendees...doing the hokey pokey with that few people is really a bit awkward) the three of us AETs were riding downtown to do a bit of grocery shopping. While going high-speed downhill on my Jessica Fletcher bike I hit a particularly nasty bump and my water bottle and snacks went rocketing up out of the basket into the great blue yonder (or green yonder, since they ended up in a bush). Thanks to the spring crazies, I had to stop my bike and laugh like a maniac while I gathered my belongings.

Oh spring, where art thou?! I'm excited for the cherry blossoms. Alas, I forget it's still January. But great things to look forward to! Friends from home visiting, parents visiting, a ski trip to Nagano, an onsen trip with the recently-arrived Santi, the beginning of the final season of Lost on February is good. :)


  1. I'll be heading home to AZ in April and I can't wait for that wonderful weather. I love Aprils so much. Your mom mentioned possibly buying you a ticket home in April to visit too--you should come and we can have an Euroasia reunion in America. :)

  2. Well after what I say on the weather channel tonight you're better off in Japan. Az. was getting lots of rain and winds up to 70 miles per hour. Flagstaff had 3 feet of snow and they were calling for 2 - 4 feet more. Sedona was on a flood watch cause Oak Creek was expected to crest tonight at 20.1 feet. and some of the highways were closed due to snow and flooding. Phoenix has had more rain then they usually get all year. Guess will make for a beautiful spring with all of that moisture. Pat and I were talking some of coming to Az. to deliver some of your stuff that was left at G&P's. But that is for the beginning of March when the boys are on spring break and for David, Marc, Jeny and Pat's b-days. Talk to you later and stay safe. Love Ya Aunt Cindy